With every clik of 'Show location' button, we have the following number of offers


from the chosen location. This aplication is making use of google maps Api which enables to check only 2500 distances free of charge per day. The chances are that the aplication is working for 20 persons per day. We are working on increasing the potential of this aplication. When you notice such a message: no such index at level 1 - it means that you have run out of the daily limit for the beta version of this aplication.

If the map doesn't show up, you should try to clik twice on the upper browser bar in order to center the map.

Commuting time

Seraching for apartments option is currently unavailable but we are willing to add it in the nearest future. If you want to join our team by preparing scripts, making this data available based on our source codes, then contact us immediately!

About a project Commuting Time

Commuting time aplication enables to search for rooms to let, which commuting time from the chosen location doesn't exceed the given parameters. The information about rooms are downloaded from the well-known web portals with announcements.


1) Give a location which you want to get to.


2) Choose a mode of transportation out of these three options: a car, a bike or on foot.


3) Determine a maximum commuting time (in minutes).


4) Give a price range.


5) Specify the date of the announcements. (We suggest the last 2-3 days to keep up to date)


6) Then clik on the button below :)


7) After choosing the Rooms/Apartments panel, you will get the following result: the green marker shows the chosen location, the blue one shows offers that measure up to your expectations.


8) After clicking on the marker, you wil get detailed information about the offer: the link to the announcement, the address, the price and the size of the Room/Apartment.

If you think that the aplication needs some corrections or you have any questions or suggestions, please leave a message on the panel below.

The table shows the data which fulfil the requirements specified on the sidebar panel after clicking 'Show location'. The complete data are available here.

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Web Harvesting & Data Management


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Shiny Application Frontend & User Experience


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Data Analysis & Visualizations


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e-mails writing & forwarding


Witold Chodor

Translations & Marketing


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